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I help institutions identify areas for growth and transformation with respect to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice in order to promote human flourishing.


In addition to building Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) programming at Brandeis, I have worked with the diversity consulting firm iChange Collaborative since 2016 and recently began working with Both And Partners on curricula engaging with transgender, gender nonconforming, and queer issues in education and the workplace.

My experience focuses on Indigenous, race, class, gender (including transgender and gender nonconforming), sexuality, and environmental justice issues. I teach people to surface social inequalities and make systemic violence visible. This work can be painful, but not having these conversations simply buries that pain and forces those already most marginalized in mainstream institutions to deal with it exclusively. Moreover, the empathetic communication skills gained through these hard conversations are essential for personal and institutional  growth.

My approach creates spaces for people from marginalized communities to share their truths and helps allies grapple with the systematic violence that shapes our everyday lives and institutions. At its best, this process transforms the foundational assumptions and practices that organize our world and helps people identify the relationships and feedback loops between social problems on both local and global scales. Doing this is necessary in order to move beyond limited frameworks that trap us into reproducing defunct models and develop a more robust vision for what an ethically desirable future might look like.


2020-Present     Both And Partners, Inc.​

Independent Consultant

  • Consult on curriculum development on transgender and sexuality issues for nonprofit and government clients

2016-Present     iChange Collaborative

Independent Consultant

  • Consult on curriculum development on gender and sexuality, Indigenous, race, and class issues for educational, nonprofit, and corporate clients

  • Review manuscripts

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