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Books Under Contract

Sweetgum Archaeology: The Unfinished Histories of Mound Landscapes. University Press of Florida.

Refereed Journal Articles

2021. "No Gods, No Masters: Indigenous Environmental Knowledge in Mississippian Art." Southeastern Archaeology 40 (4): 248-265. Link here

2020. “Animate Earth, Settler Ruins: Mound Landscapes and Decolonial Futures in the Native South.” Cultural Anthropology. 35 (4): 516–545 Link here


2019. (Cover article) “Past as Prophecy: Indigenous Diplomacies Beyond Liberal Settler Regimes of Recognition, as Told in Shell.” Special issue: “Interfaith, Intercultural, International.” Religions 10 (9): 510. Link here


2019. “Oral Traditions and Mounds, Owls and Movement: An Archaeological Ethnography of Multispecies Embodiments and Everyday Life at Poverty Point.” Journal of Social Archaeology 19 (3): 356–378. Link here Preprint here

2018. "Tales of Esnesv: Indigenous Oral Traditions about Trader-Diplomats in Ancient Southeastern North America.” American Anthropologist 120 (4): 781-794. Link here


2014. “The Unthinkable and the Unseen: Community Archaeology and Decolonizing Social Imagination at Okeeheepkee, or the Lake Jackson Site.” Archaeologies 10 (1): 70–106. Link here

Book Reviews

2020. "Historical Archaeology and Indigenous Collaboration: Discovering Histories that Have Futures, D. Rae Gould, Holly Herbster, Heather Law Pezzarossi, and Stephen A. Mrozowski, University Press of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 2020." Historical Archaeology. Link here Preprint here

Close up of women's leg rattles made from box turtle shells and leather in the Smithsonian Institution NMNH collections

Public Scholarship​

2020. "Reopening Campuses Is a Civil Rights Issue and Universities Are Overwhelmingly on the Wrong Side Professors need resources for adapting to the pandemic through trauma-informed curricula." The Mary Sue. August 12. Link here. 

2020. “Academic Precarity and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Utopian Hope in a Moment of Crisis.” Anthropology Now 12 (1): 76-83. Link here

2017. (Editor, with Macario Garcia) Songs of a Secret Country: The Stephen and Agatha Luczo Gift. Charlottesville, VA: Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection of the University of Virginia (second author). Link here

2017. “The Politics of Turning Away: or, Skills for Living in Ruins.” CounterPunch. March 10. Link here

2017. "On Alternative Factualities." Contribution to "Reader Letters #2: Trump Edition," edited by Ryan Anderson. Anthro{dendum} [then called Savage Minds], March 3.  Link here

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