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Examples of creative projects submitted by students. Click on image to open the document.

Thumbnail of Reaper Research

Reaper Research podcast by Nia Dokes, Lilia Memarzadeh, and Percie Thompson, class project for Afterlives of Empire, 2021

Thumbnail of the cover of Satos, silhouette of a cat stretching in front of an outline of Puerto Ric

Satos: Puerto Rico, Its Stray Animals, Class, and Neocolonialism, by Alex Santos, final project for ANT 101, 2021

Thumbnail of the cover of The Invisible Difference

"The Invisible Difference: How Schools Ignore Children with Learning Differences" by Katie Carr, for ANT 101, 2020​

Thumbnail of an untitled paining, depicts a lake surrounded by forest

Untitled painting by Sophie Welch, final project for Deep Historical Perspectives on Native North America, 2020

Thumbnail of the cover of The Lahui at Mauna Kea, depicts a mountain with the sun behind it and seve

"The Lāhui at Mauna Kea," by Rachel Wang, final project for Decolonization 2019

Thumbnail of the cover for Settler Perceptions of the Haudenosaunee, the title is pasted over the im

"Settler Perceptions of the Haudenosaunee" by Michaela McCormack, final project Decolonization, 2020

Thumbnail of the cover of What is NAIS, title in black text on white background

"What is Native American and Indigenous Studies" by Rachel Wang, 2019

Thumbnail of Indigenous Peoples' Day pamphlet, text on white background

"Indigenous Peoples' Day" pamphlet by Joshua Mandell and L. J. Bloch, 2019

Thumbnail of the Cover for the Songs of a Secret Country catalog, paining of adjacent green, black,

Songs of a Secret Country exhibition catalog, featuring essays by India Ferguson, Caitlyn Keeve, Rosalba Ponce, Jake Martin, and Imani Williford, 2017

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